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var members = this.Tables.Create<Member, int>(x => x.Id);
var groups = base.Tables.Create<Group, int>(g => g.Id);

this.Members = members;
this.Groups = groups;

RelationOptions options = new RelationOptions(
 cascadedDeletion: true);

var peopleGroupIdIndex = members.CreateIndex(
 new RedBlackTreeIndexFactory(),
 p => p.GroupId);

 x =>  x ?? -1,
 x => x,

What's NMemory?

NMemory is a lightweight non-persistent in-memory relational database engine that is purely written in C# and can be hosted by .NET applications.

When should I use NMemory?

Whenever you need to create a fake or mock database. So you can test your Business Logic Layer (BLL) without worrying about your Data Access Layer (DAL).

Which Database features are supported?

Index, Foreign Key Relations, Transaction Handling, Stored Procedure, Query Optimization and many more.

Do your support .NET Core?

Not yet but we plan to support it.

Need more performance?

You can find more information about Entity Framework Extensions and find out how it can dramatically improve EF performances:


Where can I find examples?

Online examples are now available!

Online Examples

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