NMemory is a lightweight non-persistent in-memory relational database engine that is purely written in C# and can be hosted by .NET applications. It supports traditional database features;

  • Indexes
  • Foreign Key Relations
  • Transaction Handling and Isolation
  • Stored Procedures
  • Query Optimization

NMemory library provides a class called Database which represents an in-memory database instance.


public class MyDatabase : Database
    public MyDatabase()
        var members = base.Tables.Create<Member, int>(p => p.Id);
        var groups = base.Tables.Create<Group, int>(g => g.Id);

       var peopleGroupIdIndex = members.CreateIndex(
           new RedBlackTreeIndexFactory<Member>(), 
           p => p.GroupId);

           x => x, 
           x => x);

        this.Members = members;
        this.Groups = groups;

    public ITable<Member> Members { get; private set; }

    public ITable<Group> Groups { get; private set; }

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Once the in-memory database is defined, create a database instance and insert some data into the in-memory database.


MyDatabase db = new MyDatabase();

db.Groups.Insert(new Group { 
    Id = 1, 
    Name = "Alpha Group" });

db.Groups.Insert(new Group { 
    Id = 2, 
    Name = "Beta Group" });

db.Members.Insert(new Member { 
    Id = 1, 
    Name = "John Doe", 
    GroupId = 1, 
    BirthDay = new DateTime(1966, 4, 12) });

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Currently, it just serves as the core component of the Effort library. However, developer interest and contribution could make it a more robust engine that might serve well in a wide range of scenarios.


The best way to contribute is by spreading the word about the library:

  • Blog it
  • Comment it
  • Fork it
  • Star it
  • Share it
  • A HUGE THANKS for your help.